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Joint Venture Giveaways or JV Giveaway Events are the primary topics this week in the Affiliates Newsletter, let’s build our list together.

JV Giveaway events are a tactic of list building that has been around as long as I have been in the Affiliate Marketing world. At least 17 years and while not in their heyday and often done wrong they are still a working tactic worth some time if you absolutely need a list and fast.

OK now that you have stopped laughing because we all need a list and can all use it to speed up the process let’s talk about how JV Giveaway Events work.

In JV Giveaway Events you promise to give a gift or more to the membership in exchange for collecting new list members. It works by having multiple networkers come together to offer a large selection of items members can get for free. Often with giveaway or resale rights so the new owners can build their list and/or build their income.

They are a huge draw because you can get a large number of free items worth thousands of dollars as a member. Since there are multiple affiliate marketers building their list there are Thousands of new prospects flooding in. You blast to your list and promote like hell for the duration of the event and so do the other JV Partners.

JV Giveaway Events are the gift that feeds your list building- image of gifts

If there are 10 partners providing 3 gifts each there are 30 gifts to have promoted to all of their list and everyone they advertise to in the typical week of duration for JV Giveaway Events.

In 7 days’ time, a decent marketer can send 5,000 visitors or more to the JV and they do so not only to build their list fast but to take a share in Special Offer Earnings. Sometimes they can earn a front end well worth their time to promote and then back end sales worth 10 fold that number.

When possible Upgrade as a Joint Venture Partner in these JV Giveaway Events, Here is why.

In the average giveaway, you can be a free member with 1-2 gifts or a paid member with up to 5. You also get text ads and other perks like a lot higher commissions. In my case I am going to go in from the 20th to Midnight on New Year’s Eve with the Kurt is back Giveaway Event. Kurt Tasche is a long time pro at Giveaways and he is re-entering the arena after a time-out.

As an upgraded JV partner I am earning a whopping 75% off all JV upgrades and more importantly a commission when a Member buys one of the OTO offers I refer. In the eleven days of the Joint Venture.

I can send up to 10,000 visitors myself to the page and get 30+ referrals. If the Front end OTO or One Time Offer is sold at $20 I will make $15 per sale and have the potential to earn $75 to $150 off my 30+ referrals if just 1 in 10 converts to sales.

Gro you list and your income with JV Giveaway Events

JV Giveaway Events are short term and the OTO offer is really one time and often too good to ignore. I have seen $300-$1300 in value walk for $20 to $47 on the OTO. I have also seen conversions as high as 45% which means a good bit of income front end.

You keep saying front end but is there really a back end to a free gift?

Yes, there is. Using the following formulas you can earn an unlimited potential off the back end SALES or Commissions of an Event.

  • The Gift – Us a personally written Report, Private Lable Rights Gift, or add a resource list with links to your other products and affiliate offers related to the main guide. Back-end affiliate sales in this manner may be a slow trickle but if you are able to pass on rights to these products you could receive that trickle over a period of years.
  • Back End Sales – Put the free gif as a squeeze page, send them to your own One Time Offer of a related product or membership and watch the sales roll in. It could be an offer even to upgrade the rights from sale Master Resale Rights to Private Lable rights for $7-$27. These sales you keep 100% of the money on and can be just as robust. If I make $$75 on the front end and another $750 on the back end I have made $150 for w few hours of work, typically 5 or less.
  • Lastly, List Revenue – If you are doing this right and remarketing other products and offers to your list you can earn up to $2 oper list members per month. If you pick up just 100 new list members in each of the JV Giveaway Events you enter you could add $200 a month to your list per joint Venture Event.

Just 6 events a year and you could add $1200 to your monthly revenue by sending 1 e-mail a week, about 1 hour of research into the product, 2 hours to write a review and you are making up to $200 an hour after a year’s time. Not too bad for an initial maybe 10 hours to choose, modify, and upload 3-5 gifts and cost under $50.

How Many Joint Venture Events in a Year? Get your tickets here.

How many of these JV Giveaway Events are there per year?

Some marketers hold a giveaway every month or 2. There are often up to 4 a month with each marketer coordinating with the others so the offers don’t overlap. You can usually personally do one event a month without hurting your main business, so you could see as much as $2400 a month after a year of participating in Joint Ventures. That with your OTO earnings and you are making a full-time income off less than 30 minutes a day on average.

SUPER TIP Here is don’t offer the same gifts each giveaway and make sure the product is fresh as in no more than 2-3 years on the market. I see people fail by offering 12-year-old CRAP that hundreds of others are giving away. If you have to spend $100 a month to hire a copywriter to give you a new report worth selling is it worth it to double your money in the first month? Hell Yeah!


kurt is back jv giveaway invite
  • Owner – Kurt Tasche who has over a dozen years in online marketing and is a consummate professional at JV Giveaway Events. Kurt even imploys YouTube marketing and has thousands of followers as well as owning his own Mailer Program.
  • Event Partners- Andy Zeus Anderson – Garry Desmarais – Mike Scozzari and more, hopefully, Your Name In Lights as a contributor.
  • When – Event Launch is Sunday, December 27th, 2020 at 8 AM and ends Midnight Mountain Standard Time on January 2nd, 2021. ((( UPDATED DATES )))

No fee to be a contributor, low fee to upgrade, nice gift list, and growing. I will personally write one of my gifts for this event so it’s a no-brainer to be a part of the launch. My gifts alone will be worth being there and there is already a list of us involved after just a couple of days of event pre-launch history. CLICK HERE TO BE A JV GIVEAWAY PARTNER.

If you are not event ready but want the gifts and to see how one works you can wait until December 20th and join through this link instead. Click here to join as a free member and be ready for a great offer under $50 inside.

Mailer On Fire Updates

Having opened the doors with a 7 member team including myself we have put in a total of 112 members as of today. Karen Mefford is leading the standard referral contest again with another 13 referrals giving her 30 referrals to date. Tony Lee Hamilton is close behind with 10 referrals and the rest of the pack rounds out 30 referrals since January 3rd.

I personally have another 11 referrals after taking a week off for health issues. Don’t worry I still did my admin duties but didn’t promote much for 5 days. This brings the total to 41 members in 12 days which is Excellent! So far I have the only sale for the month but at these rates and with $120 off a year of Platinum Membership as a log-in offer we are just days away from more.

You could dominate the Bitcoin Blank Checks Leaderboard with as little as one sale of any Pro Membership. This month we will pay out Bitcoin or PayPal on the 24th of December and are paying Double Rewards on the BBC winners. That’s a massive 10% bonus on your sales.

Have a Merry Christmas from my family to Yours. Click here to join Mailer on Fire. Platinum Member’s Ad Coop starts on January 1st with some ads already running for our lone Platinum Participant Tony Lee Hamilton.

Next Week’s Christmas Edition Ads are on Sale Now – Ads are Click Based for Banners and 90 Day Runs for $5 Classifieds Ads. Get them Here.

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Articles From Around The Web

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This is a brief forum post explaining the concept of JV Events showing similar information to that of this issue from a whopping 8 years ago. As I said I have been participating in these events for 17 years and they still work today.

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Joint venture tactics that put other people building your list. Lynn has written a masterpiece worth your time. The article is 7 years old but I have left a 2020 comment and the post is still up to date training despite one broken link to a non-English website.

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