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JV Giveaway Events & List Building Edition 9 – Affiliates Newsletter by Mailer on Fire and Affiliate 3 Percent blog

Joint Venture Giveaways or JV Giveaway Events are the primary topics this week in the Affiliates Newsletter, let’s build our list together. JV Giveaway events are a tactic of list building that has been around as long as I have been in the Affiliate Marketing world. At least 17 years and while not in their heyday and often done wrong they are still a working tactic worth some time if you absolutely need a list …

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Affiliates Newsletter edition 8 Advertising Cooperatives

Affiliates Newsletter Edition 8 Advertising Cooperatives

Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Affiliates Newsletter from Affiliate 3 Percent Blog and Mailer on Fire. Today we are going to discuss the benefits of developing and using advertising cooperatives and team builds to grow your business. We will have a live case study outlining the advertising cooperative benefit of Platinum Membership at Mailer on Fire and will explain out unique concept of a perpetually viral Advertising cooperative. Also in this edition …

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Affiliates Newsletter Black Friday 2020 edition

Affiliate Newsletter Black Friday 2020 Edition

Hello and welcome to the Black Friday Edition of your Affiliates Newsletter which is brought to you by Affiliate 3 Percent Blog and the all new Mailer On Fire. This week has been interesting. There was supposed to be a bridge edition Tuesday but some late news gave us two hush until now offers that you will be glad we kept close to the chest. In  this issue we will update the 1 month progress …

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Affiliates Newsletter Edition 7 Viral Mailer Launch Edition.

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Affiliates Newsletter. I know its been a few months as we made a few changes, slim-lined business, and even launched 2 new sites. The first of those sites is our new parent company dotLocalSeo.com and the second is the brand new Viral Mailer On Fire we will talk about in a moment. Website launches take a lot of time and a lot out of you but it was for …

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Affiliates Newsletter Edition 6 Niche Selection.

Wow, 6 weeks have flown by and we have worked on a few cool concepts and discovers a couple of nice programs but how do we select programs to join and figure out how to generate sales online? It’s time to talk about niche selection. What is Niche Selection and How Does It Help me Make Money? A niche is a group of people with a similar interest or need. Fungal infections of a toe …

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Buy Ezine ads in our Newsletter.

Affiliates Newsletter Edition 5

Wow, I must apologize for two things. The first is that last week I was 3 days late sending the weekly e-mail update for the newsletter. I was busy offline and simply thought I sent it when in fact I hadn’t. The second is that I am a day late getting the e-mail newsletter out this week because of client work, and then a massive headache yesterday. As a result, our training from around the …

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Affiliates Newsletter Edition 4

This is already week 4, the 1 month anniversary issue of our weekly newsletter is in the books and we are just getting started. This info packed edition promises to build on the power of week 3 and help dig into the mentality of earning. Special Around the Web Section on Black Friday and Trending Products and New Releases for Christmas Success. Is Affiliate marketing really profitable at the same level everywhere in the world? …

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Affiliates Newsletter Edition 3

Would you pay $20 for a Single Bottle Of Beer? Was the caption of a post I read a few weeks by a fellow Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador. In the post by Nathaniel of OneMoreCupOf-Coffee.com he discusses a range of things from $20 bottles of beer to $2,000 mountain bikes. The beauty of the tail lays out how people will pay a premium for quality over seeking cheap items when they have the cash to choose. …

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Affiliates Newsletter Edition 2

What a week, what a very fast week as we are already back to another Tuesday edition with so much to report. IN our first week we not only saw more than 3,000 visitors and our first new advertiser David Hurley, but we also began doing the unexpected. We got free search engine traffic off last week’s post. That’s a huge accomplishment and is in part due to all of the great comments received by …

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Get Fi on Google Trends

Affiliates Newsletter Edition 1

Absolute Best Program in Network Marketing For over 20 years the absolute best program in network marketing has been a silent leader making many users a boat load of passive income. In fact it has so many revenue streams that the path to failure is simply not giving yourself time enough to manifest wealth. Programs like Ecommergy, Rewardical, and Localvantia Search and a Brand New Product Launching Today, added in with Astro Auctions, TripleClicks online …

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