Affiliates Newsletter Update- Where has Andy Been?

Hi everyone. This has been a couple of challenging weeks. I have neither had time or focus to post Newsletter updates or even post to my main blog but due to reasons beyond my control combined with a few good things like the return of Swap Meet Season here in Yuma Arizona.

My children, I have had numerous appointments and on child found herself in some trouble that required she start a deferral program to avoid Juvenile Probation. I warn every family to monitor what your kids are receiving online from friends as they will not always report bad content to you and in this case, my daughter tried to protect a friend and was caught up in the whole mess the friend was in because of it.

Add in some illness and other business needs and I am way behind on content. I do however promise the swift return of the newsletter with a special and training packed issue for Black Friday Week, come next Tuesday.

I will also be looking to include a poll related to my new business development as I am working hard to get a Local SEO business open by January 2020 and need insight as to what services would be best offered in a basic package for prospective clients. You get to help shape my business going forward.

See you next week,

Andy Zeus Anderson


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