Affiliates Newsletter Edition 7 Viral Mailer Launch Edition.

Hi everyone, welcome back to the Affiliates Newsletter. I know its been a few months as we made a few changes, slim-lined business, and even launched 2 new sites. The first of those sites is our new parent company and the second is the brand new Viral Mailer On Fire we will talk about in a moment.

Website launches take a lot of time and a lot out of you but it was for a great cause, to get back a good deal of the Mojo that was missing when I first started back with affiliate marketing after a Nervous breakdown nearly 8 years ago now. I am so excited now for what the future holds with these two projects and the results of my blogging growth will show as well. That said let’s get into the affiliates newsletter launch edition…

Changes to the Affiliate Newsletter Allow Display Advertising Options

You spoke and we listened. Members of our mailing list and blog have contacted me asking why the best positions and display advertising for the Newsletter were not able to be leased. So in the downtime, I added 3 sized of display ads with 125×125 button ads, 728×90 leader Board Advertising, and a Custom Ad Card at 600×300 that displays in the post like the one Below placed as an example.

Mailer On Fire Personal Splash Andy Anderson

All of these new ads rotate throughout the site, are priced affordable by the click with unlimited impressions. This means more branding as I ramp things up to deliver at least 3,000 page views per new week’s post and a minimum 12,000 assigned views per month with mailings to the entire Mailer On Fire Membership and our Affiliates Newsletter and Affiliate 3 Percent Blog Subscribers.

Each month we hope to deliver even more great traffic through targeted resources designed with the affiliate marketer and professional blogger in mind. Check out our Advertising Rates and Options here.

Training Tip for the Week.

Be sure to have a plan for using Free Traffic systems like Traffic Exchanges and viral mailers. If you are not funneling traffic and your wide range of sites are not flowing the right way you are using a scattergun approach that will almost always fail to hit the target.

How to Use Viral Mailers and Traffic Exchanges Training on Affiliates newsletter by Affiliate 3 Percent.
Viral mailers and traffic exchanges help affiliates find success recruiting.

In the post linked here, I discuss how to set up your promotions funnel to get the most income and traffic out of every minute spent surfing or opening viral mailer emails.

Introducing the Launch of Mailer on Fire, our new Viral Mailer.

What is Mailer on Fire? It’s one of the hardest working free traffic programs you will find. I spend each week driving a ton of traffic to the site and while we had a very small 8 person launch we just hit 50 members today.

50 Members were achieved at exactly 3 weeks of age and we hope to triple that in the next 3 weeks with our Bitcoin Blank Checks Affiliate Referral Program.

At the time of this post on November 17th 2020 we have exactly 13 days left to secure our once a year one time offer on an annual membership that is more powerful than our Gold membership for a very nice price. The sale is called Life Before Black Friday and is a true one of a kind.

It also pays a $123.50 commission to Gold and Black Friday Members. Slightly smaller commissions for Silver Members and 10% commissions to free members. As a Black Friday member you get exclusive claim to the second tier commission system allowing you to profit off the referrals of your sponsored members. No other membership has this.

I will also be giving an unannounced bonus to Life Before Black Friday takers. We will be hosting blog soon for contest winners and life members off the domain name. I began setting the system up and hope to have it ready around the 5th of December when commissions are figured and paid. You heard it here first!

Our New Viral Mailer Video, How to Send and Email with Mailer On Fire

Be sure to check out or Mailer On Fire Review Resource and Information Post for more details and before you do a video, podcast, or written review. Then join us at Mailer on Fire to get your affiliate links today!

Around The Web Articles for Affiliate Marketers and Home Business Owners

This is by far one of our favorite sections, a further expansion of knowledge and resources for the Affiliate Newsletter subscriber to turn into a profits gold Mine. Each Wee I will pick 3-4 articles I have read around the web to share with you below.

Aorund the Web Section on Affiliates Newsletter
Around the Web is Smoldering Hot

How to Create an Email Newsletter in (5 Easy Steps) on Monster Insights.

This article is filler with great insights in to how to get started with list marketing. You will constantly hear the money is in the list but how do you get one? Is it hard to do or easy enough a mild mannered affiliate can do it? (Click here to read the post)

The 7 Best Webinar Platforms of 2020 on The Balance Small Business Blog.

Webinars are hotter than hot these days as Internet Users consume a growing amount of video and live content. They are especially effective when there is a social aspect to them with live user input or interactions. Even after the stream you can make a mint off recorded sessions much like podcast but in stunning 1080p or 4K Ultra video formats. (Click here to read more)

The Importance of Images in Marketing – Why a Picture is Worth 1000 Words – on

Choosing the right images in a visual world is a great step towards and social media or content marketing campaign. Learn tips and tricks for finding that must click photo media or artistic rendering that will help your marketing go viral. (Visit Here Now)

Summary of Affiliates Newsletter Edition 7

This week was a bit under the gun due to back issues and adjusting to taking insulin for my Diabetes. But it still came out though a bit late on Tuesday, and next Tuesday we will deliver another training packed and exciting edition.

We will show off leaders in the final days of Bitcoin Blank Check at Mailer on Fire, will review one of the web’s favorite traffic exchanges in our mini review, and share more valuable content from Around the Web. This is Andy Zeus Anderson saying thank you for your time and devotion to the Affiliates Newsletter at Affiliate 3 percent.



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