Affiliates Newsletter Edition 6 Niche Selection.

Wow, 6 weeks have flown by and we have worked on a few cool concepts and discovers a couple of nice programs but how do we select programs to join and figure out how to generate sales online? It’s time to talk about niche selection.

What is Niche Selection and How Does It Help me Make Money?

A niche is a group of people with a similar interest or need. Fungal infections of a toe are niche but so is Red Sox Baseball Memorabilia. You could choose a niche based on solving problems of one based on passion and interest.

Generally, someone who writes about toe infections works in a field related to them and are putting experience to work. There are tens of millions of job-related niche ideas and you can write about any of these experience items but the most converting niche I have found are those driven by passion.

A person may spend a couple of hundred dollars to get rid of toe fungus but spend $1,000 or more to decorate their Man or Woman cave.

Evergreen Niche Ideas What Are They?

We might have a need for facial cleansers though and have to buy a bottle every month for life. Parfumes, vitamins, and even toilet paper are what are called evergreen niche. These allow you to dip to the well of customers over and over month after month and receive ongoing commissions.

Fitness items are a huge Evergreen Market, so are alternative medicines, motivational services, and even subscription training. I make most of my residual income by promoting companies like Wealthy .

Imagine that you get 300 sales a year or just 25 new Premium Referral a month. With Wealthy Affiliate, I win a trip to Vegas all expenses paid including entertainment and spending money while there.

The Annual Super Affiliates Conference can set you up for up to $7,050 a month in commissions and teach you to earn so much more in the years ahead. Dozens of affiliates attend this conference each year and come away with massive opportunities and an insider’s view of the year to come.

Training From Around the Web

How to Choose a Domain Name (+ 30 Blog Name Generators!) from Smart Blogger.

Imagining your own blog is great, planning for it is even better but what to call it is a big challenge. You have your niche selected but do you go with something short and memorable or something niche related. Leanne Regalla covers this in-depth in this 30 resources post from Smart Blogger.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get More Blog Traffic: 100+ Tips and Tactics From Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas goes through the tactics that drive millions of targeted niche viewers to his blog and businesses month after month. It’s rare that such a powerful blogger as Jeff shares so many actionable success secret tips as Jeff shares in this insightful post. See it here.


This week I decided to throw in a super tool I use to create better headlines and write my own ad copy. Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Marketing Value headline analyzer is a tool I use to help trigger an emotional response and increased interest in the blog headlines. This tool has increased engagement and readership as well as conversions on my sites for over 3 years. Here’s the tool.

16 thoughts on “Affiliates Newsletter Edition 6 Niche Selection.”

  1. One very important thing to look at when picking a niche is to go for an evergreen niche. The problem with evergreen niches is that they are pretty competitive which means you might have to narrow down your niche and make it more specific. By doing this the competition would be low which would increase or can increase your chances of success.

    • Definitely, the tighter the niche the greater the odds of success. For deep training in niche choice, we have great resources on this in the free member course at Wealthy Affiliate mentioned in the post. Awesome comment Manuel.

  2. hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a month and I really can’t decide which niche is the best for me to write about. I thought about make Money Online niche but many folks say it is oversaturated so maybe it is not worth it, do you think so?

    • Danijel the secret is to find a niche within a broad niche such as Make Money Online. My niche is related to training tomorrow’s super affiliates, the top 3 percent that earns nearly 80% of the income online for example. No niche is oversaturated, there are over 500 million home-based business owners and seekers in the industry and less than 2% of them promote the niche of Make Money Online.

  3. What a terrific topic to talk about. I really enjoyed your article and it helped clarify so many thoughts in my mind about the niche that I had selected and how I was promoting it. I appreciated your definition of organic niche sites. It really helped me to understand where I am heading.

    Thank you for the great free title analyzer, it will really make me better.

    Terrific website


  4. Hello and thank you for another great edition of your blog newsletter. I have to say that I think that your talk here on a niche is great and this is one of the most crucial parts of making money online. People think that Niche selection should only be about their passions but the truth is that when selecting a niche, it is better to choose something that is profitable like the evergreen. Nice post!

    • Henderson the fact is every niche has a portion of over 4 Million people, usually at least 17 million people per interest as a customer base. Some grator, a few smaller, but regardless there are only a few thousand places online to get solid information about specifics in the interest, often less than 100 marketers competing for a specific sub interest. There are trillions of dollars to be made and that means we can all fit in the millionaires club if we dedicate ourselves to the training and give ourselves time to succeed. Thanks for being a regular commenter.

  5. The information provided in the article is very useful to me. I knew how to choose a niche. The information about the evergreen niche is completely new to me. In fact, everyone knows about products like toilet paper or shampoo. But I did not know that it falls into a certain category in terms of sales. But I wanted to try TOOL AMI’s EMV and I didn’t get any results. I wrote a title, I was sent for analysis and I did not receive any results. Do you have any idea where I’m wrong?

    • Yes they seem to have had a glitch a bit ago but have it sorted now Irina. I am positive you will find a ton of success with the EMV tool, look for scores of 30% or higher to find more traffic online.

  6. I share with you on Wealthy Affiliate having one of the best affiliate programs for affiliate marketers. The interesting thing is that you do not have to be an expert marketer to make money with them.

    My worry however is getting approved for some of these affiliate programs for example amazon. Are there ways of having easy passes?

    • Sylvia the timing is the main thing with getting accepted. Get at least 25-40 posts on your site and you will find these programs approve you very fast. They want sites that the authors are dedicated not 1-10 page cookie-cutter sites that don’t get new content.

  7. Oh, this is a very nice post here. I loved this newsletter because it is going to help me. I like the fact that you pointed out that the best niche for one to choose is that which is driven by passion. I also like the fact that you could give the links to the Black Friday offer and some tools and guides as well. I will come for some more later. Thanks!

    • Hi John, as soon as the link to the actual Black Friday offer page is live I will update all of the links but yes I would love to have people sign up free and kick the tires for the next 3 weeks because Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best programs online to teach you how to exploit any niche, find affiliate offers for any product, and get paid to write about the things you love doing or have expert experience with.

  8. I think you are very right that there are a lot of millions of people who are into a single stream but I believe that when it comes to niche, there are some that are making more than others and some who are making less even with so much effort. What do you think should be done to become a big money earner like the others as well.

    • Hello, again my friend. Henderson, the big thing is time. Most set time limits and change everything several times over multiple years so much that each change is like starting over instead of just a few tweaks and tunes. The big thing that sets the Super Affiliates apart is scaling up, however. Anyone can work into a commission or two and buy a new golf club, or that red dress, etc.. But a Super Affiliate turns one commission into two, two into four, and keeps doubling until they reach the lifestyle that they wish to live


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