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Wow, I must apologize for two things. The first is that last week I was 3 days late sending the weekly e-mail update for the newsletter. I was busy offline and simply thought I sent it when in fact I hadn’t. The second is that I am a day late getting the e-mail newsletter out this week because of client work, and then a massive headache yesterday.

As a result, our training from around the web will be a little longer than usual because you deserve something to make up for the lost time.

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Doubling Up, the process of making real money online.

Most new online marketers fall into one of two categories. They either have little money to invest or no money to invest. Some of you do have a hand up but all affiliate marketers need to double up to reach their financial goals.

Doubling up is when you make an investment in yourself and your business. It can start as small as your very first commission check, or as large as a couple of thousand dollars but you need to reinvest in your business until your income is at a level of supporting your advertising and marketing efforts as well as provide for growth of the business while paying you what you intended to earn when starting out.

Can you give me an example of doubling up?

Yes, if I want to make $4000 a month I need to be advertising with at least $2000 a month and growing by 10% making that a $2200 a month advertising and marketing budget or $6200 a month I need before I can begin taking funds out of the business in the amount I wish to earn.

If you pull your money out any earlier you risk never reaching your goal. The goal early on though is to turn every dollar invested into 2 dollars earned. You do this by learning proper keyword research and buying Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Native Ads from sites like Taboola or Outbrain. The last two are highly effective traffic generators, the first two can be a bit hit and miss. Be sure to target low competition but moderate traffic search terms.

Another great way to gain clout in your industry is to advertise on other blogs in your niche through where you can choose which industry partners and ad styles meet your needs.

Best way to get that conversion?

Meet your advertiser with a value-added offer such as a whitepaper on your industry or an ebook in your niche so they sign up to join your e-mail marketing list before continuing to your blog. Never advertise to them, always send them to reviews and training topics so they get to know and trust you before selling anything.

Start your investment in great training. The follow-through on EVERY STEP of it. You can never know too much but you can damned sure know too little. Spend hours on Youtube, and sites like Search Engine Land and Marketing Land to hone your skills and further your education. Take in webinars and read, read, read.

Affiliate Training From Around The Web

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