Affiliates Newsletter Edition 4

This is already week 4, the 1 month anniversary issue of our weekly newsletter is in the books and we are just getting started. This info packed edition promises to build on the power of week 3 and help dig into the mentality of earning. Special Around the Web Section on Black Friday and Trending Products and New Releases for Christmas Success.

Getting Ready For the Holidays Black Friday Edition of Affiliates Newsletter
Getting Ready For the Holidays Black Friday Edition

Is Affiliate marketing really profitable at the same level everywhere in the world?

This is a odd question but one I see asked a lot online. People from low income countries like Nigeria and India often ask this because they are use to their local economies and have yet to learn that anything online can and if you want to make money online should be GLOBAL.

By being a global business you can sell in countries where you don’t live, and make money your neighbor and you might have only ever dreamed about. There are places in the world that the average wages are under $500 US Dollars a month but there are products in the world that sell 100,000 plus units a year with commissions over double that.

Is there validation for the concerns?

Well, some handicaps come from being low income. The first is a lack of available money for investment can make getting a professional website with its own domain name a challenge. Even at under $50 a year for hosting with our One Website Hosting people find it hard to come up with the funds to make a website right away so they turn to free services that perform at a lower level.

They also have no money to advertise and get caught in the trap of using their affiliate links improperly in social media and using free traffic exchanges and safelist instead of building up their blogs. Nothing effective replaces time and money so you have to take the time for proper SEO to kick in and use Social media correctly for at least 6-12 months to start making money for investment.

There is also the lack of sensible in order \ed step by step training. This is available for a cost but for free you usually have to seek answers as questions form and are always learning after troubles arise as a result. The lack of proper training alone can set you back at least a 6 month period. Realistically if you can’t give your business at least 2 years to reach a decent level you need to examine the worth of having an affiliate marketing business to you if you have no money to invest.

Two places to learn about affiliate marketing and get started earning online free.

The first place to get started is in building a website on the WordPress platform. You can get 10 lessons of free training through Wealthy Affiliate and get 2 subdomain websites to start building free of charge while you learn.

Second is Strong Future International where you can learn to promote retail affiliate programs like their own TripleClicks, Rewardical, and Localvantia. There is no cost to join the program and get some good training to get you started making money online.

The last pitfall that hurts people with immediate need for money.

Get Rich Quik is the enemy of affiliate marketing and money making. Anyone tells you you can make $1,000 in 30 days or less with no work no website of your own etc.. is just trying to get the money they say you don’t need and leave you with a ton of work and a hole to dig out of.

There is no such thing as Getting Rich with No Work and No Investment. Not going to freaking happen and the less money you have the more time it will take to make money online but yes even the person with no money to invest can eventually make just as much as the person with $50,000 to invest because you can reinvest a portion of early earnings to get where you want to be in this business.

Training from Around the Web

This is our most popular section thanks to you our readers. We scour the web to gather topics each week relevant to affiliate marketing and bring them to you in this section. This week we focus heavily on Black Friday and the Kickoff for Christmas. If you don’t have a plan for the Christmas season by the 1st of November the chances of making a December Windfall are greatly reduced.

Black Friday Deals 2019: All the dates and predictions you need.

If you were wondering what will be on the Black Friday Radar to get a head start on promoting you can look no further than these deals. Just get your reviews ready to go and then plugin in your prices and affiliate links once the retailers make a formal announcement. Read More Here.

What To Sell Online: 21 Trending (and Evergreen) Niche Products For 2019

Are you looking for trends that have a good Peak this time of year but also are great sellers and great niche ideas for the long haul? Check this article out for great niche related ideas and promotions for 2019 and beyond. Click Here to Read the Post.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews in Your Home Business

6 Tips to Monitoring and Responding to Negative Reviews. These super tips will keep your business safe from additional harm and help you be prepared for the ton of poison pens that exist on the Internet today. Click Here for the Full Article

10 thoughts on “Affiliates Newsletter Edition 4”

  1. Thanks for another great newsletter, I agree with the topics you have brought up. A lot of people are yet to get involved in affiliate marketing because they aren’t aware of it, its a shame as its a business model which has a lot of potentials.

    I’ve even had people ask me the same on whether blogging is a long term thing, and whether it will still be here in 30 years’ time, the truth is people need both information and access to technology so that’s what I respond with.

    Its all about spreading the word about affiliate marketing and helping people fulfill their online goals while having an income to live on for yourself.

    Thanks again,


    • The sad part is the number who join, expect to SPAM their link around social media and find 5 minutes later they made a sale and 30 days later they are on the way to being rich. You can’t even learn to properly do affiliate marketing in under 30 days.

  2. Very interesting newsletter! So, would you say that on average an affiliate marketer could start earning from his/her affiliate links from 6-12 months onwards (if he or she is following the steps correctly?) Regarding a plan for the Christmas season, do you recommend I have a list of topics ready for my blog, all related to my niche and the Christmas season? 

    Your article has some great tips, I am going to have a look at the one concerning “how to handle negative reviews”. That is a good one to know 🙂 

    • I recommend keeping your regular posting schedule for your blog and putting together 2-4 niche related reviews that just need the affiliate links and price dropped in to publish a couple of days before the US Thanksgiving Holiday. If it is in your budget I would also plan to attack some low hanging fruit keywords for each Black Friday to Cyber Monday post on Facebook, and Google Ads. This should make you some extra Christmas cash. Thanks, Christine for a great question.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I enjoyed reading this for I did not know much of this info on affiliate marketing. I love learning opportunities like this. I also like how you showed where individuals can get training on affiliate marketing. I am definitely going to check it out. Thank you!

  4. Very true. With the internet world, it is now possible to earn money online even if you come from third worlds countries. They might face some few restrictions in registering, especially for free services but that shouldn’t be something to deter a determined online entrepreneur. I come from Africa and Wealthy Affiliate is working just fine for me. I wouldn’t let my location hinder me from succeeding online. Thank you for this valuable tips.

    • Congratulations Carol for defeating all odds and pushing through on your dreams. The saying is very true that you can do anything you put in effort and elbow grease on.

  5. Hi! I really appreciate you have addressed the issues of building a website and monetizing it with affiliate marketing in other places around the world, different from North America and Europe. Even basic things are quite a challenge in Third World nations. It’s good to identify these issues. That makes it easier to overcome them.

    Most of the time we take tools and resources for granted. Some countries don’t have them.

    • Exactly right Henry and you never know, you may be a free tool away from success too. I have dozens of free tools I use, sure a couple of tools could replace all of them if I had the funds but you work on a budget you learn to scrounge.


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