Affiliates Newsletter Edition 3

Would you pay $20 for a Single Bottle Of Beer?
Would you pay $20 for a single bottle of beer?

Would you pay $20 for a Single Bottle Of Beer? Was the caption of a post I read a few weeks by a fellow Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador.

In the post by Nathaniel of he discusses a range of things from $20 bottles of beer to $2,000 mountain bikes. The beauty of the tail lays out how people will pay a premium for quality over seeking cheap items when they have the cash to choose. Today let’s talk about how this affects your customer choice and your marketing.

Many marketers fail to think in terms of choosing their customer. I mean in a brick and mortar storefront you get the people who walk in as the most likely customers. The people on the street passing by who often have very little money but what does a Diamond Jeweler do in a mall full of Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco’s?

Quality Versus Price, Choosing Your Customer

They advertise, not to the 10,000 feet passing looking for cheap but to the 1 in 10,000 looking for quality at a fair price. They put out circulars in the paper, ads in yellow pages, and TV commercials that focus not on their cheapest selection but on their higher quality and finer items to draw in a select crowd.

How does that apply to an affiliate marketer?

We have tools like blogs and content marketing, we have Youtube and paid ads and all of these tools to reach any customer on the planet so why are we always thinking to sell to people like us with little to no money? We compartmentalize our business to what we see when we go shopping instead of opening our eyes to the shoppers carts next to us.

We need to understand why a customer selects Pampers over Great Value diapers, why some love store brand and others have to buy wranglers or dickies. We need to understand why Wal-Mart sells fewer $87 gold rings than Kay Jewelers selling a similar ring for $150-$200. We need to understand who our customer is.

Given the choice, if you could spend $50 for a good set of Blue Jeans that last 20 years or $15 for a store brand that will last 2 if you’re lucky you would buy the better jeans in most cases. Your ideal customer is looking for quality and you are looking to meet their demands, not their wallets. Good luck and happy hunting, leave a comment below if you have a story to tell of quality versus quantity.

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8 thoughts on “Affiliates Newsletter Edition 3”

  1. Wow, another awesome edition you have here. I do not think that you have said anything about wealthy affiliate before of any of your editions before because I have always enjoyed following up. One thing I am most fascinated about is the issue the guy posted about a $20 beer drink. Its very funny. I need to share this with my friends too. Thanks.

    • We will definitely go through more on Wealthy Affiliate as we go along, though it will be more on the basis of a feature as only a full review does any serious justice. For those, we have 2 on our regular blog 2018 original and another answering the question of Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam or Legit.

  2. Choosing our customers is an interesting topic. In a brick and mortar store we don’t really have that concern but with a website everything we do affects who our customers will be. I mean from the colors we choose to the content we write it’s all appealing to a very specific group of people. Knowing that can make our efforts as marketers way more profitable.

    I always enjoy the content in your newsletter. Thank you very much!

    • Well, Henry, even a brick and mortar store can choose who they advertise to as in the case of the Jewelers in the post. They just have less of a captive audience and often have to work harder to reach them. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Thank you for this great post!

    One of my websites is about drones.  As such I’m not only recommending certain drone models but accessories as well.  Many times those accessories are smaller dollar items.  I forget to market to those looking for quality over quantity, if you will.

    You make some excellent points and provide perfect examples.  I need to restructure my thought processes a bit and refocus on marketing to my select crowd.

    Thanks again,


    • Scott this is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Even small parts come in different manufacture and quality and a person putting $3,000 into a quality drone is looking for a part that will last when they do need replacements where a $200 drone owner may only need basic parts service.

  4. Following your first two editions of newsletters, i wasn’t expecting anything less from you. I have to confess that this post was really entertaining for me and i couldn’t feel educated especially about how the choice of our marketing is determined by exactly how people think based on what is in their pocket. I believe that this is something we all do. Sometimes we go for the more expensive stuff. Nice one here.

    • Thank you, Jon, not only for your comment but for subscribing to now 3 editions of our newsletter. I fully agree we all think in what we see and feel and the point of this week’s post is to get us to think outside ourselves and help our readers.


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