Affiliates Newsletter Edition 2

What a week, what a very fast week as we are already back to another Tuesday edition with so much to report. IN our first week we not only saw more than 3,000 visitors and our first new advertiser David Hurley, but we also began doing the unexpected. We got free search engine traffic off last week’s post. That’s a huge accomplishment and is in part due to all of the great comments received by readers. Thank you.

What’s in store for this week?

We are going to continue off success with two mini reviews to start things off. These boil down the nuts and bolts of great systems and help you get an overview without having to read a full on review. This week we will talk Elite Downline Builder from David Hurley and, a new social media system that is already earning some of us a passive income. SO without further ordeal, here’s your week two edition 2 of Affiliates Newsletter.

Elite Downline Builder Screenshot 1

Elite Downline Builder Mini Review?

David Hurley is a friend of mine for many years now being in such programs as Wealthy Affiliate and Strong Future International together. David’s blog Top 5 Programs and his eBook Publications are awesome so I knew when he built his downline builder it would be a good offer for everyone involved.

I joined like 6-8 months ago and while spending a great deal of time sidetracked by other projects I have still fought a path to number 5 on the referral contest leaders board. I have 9 referrals and thank God David is not in the competition because he has more than 200 at the same time. WTG David.

Elite Downline Builder helps you build 5 main program downlines plus there has recently been demand to add 5 more Bitcoin Faucets you can build as well. The core programs are Wealthy Affiliate, Strong Future International, Leads Leap, Webtalk, and Mailer Lite. All of which are free to join and offer members a huge opportunity to make money online.

What does a Downline Builder Do?

In a downline builder you have a list of programs to choose from. You join those you want and leave the affiliate links blank for those you don’t. Then promote one link for the builder to build multiple streams of income and depending on the builder traffic as well. Any program not joined your referrals will be sent up to the next sponsor above you.

Joining is easy just click here and it takes like 30 minutes to set the whole thing up and be ready to promote. Mini-Review

The first thing we need to go over is a brief history of my involvement with Webtalk. Just over a year ago a start up social media network called Webtalk arrived on the scene. They were approaching 1 million members and offering 5 tier referral commissions to the first 1 million qualified affiliates. I wrote a review of the program at that time here.

Webtalk has always excited me but I didn’t really take a lot of time in the promoting because I had seen promises like this before that were well intention-ed but never saw fruit. Webtalk however kept raising a ton of funding from investors and the time came when people started upgrading and getting paid. I myself have 24 direct referrals off that initial article and 2 of the 24 or a little over 4% have taken the before launch offer on annual Premium upgrades. That’s a cool $40 from that one review post a year ago.

Flash forward to a year later and is over 3 times the size and climbing the Alexa Ranks like a rocket as one of the most used social media sites in the world. They now have paid and free memberships and will soon have other paying perks like an in the house advertising program, the marketplace, and freelancers network. They will also have a Swag store and a Travel Rewards program similar to being an affiliate for Expedia…

While only available to around 100,000 more affiliates you can still get in on the 5 tier compensation plan. My total network off my initial 24 members is now 182 people I can earn money from just by inviting people to join free.

Training From Around The Web

The following section was one of our most popular features last weeks which I am glad to say was a huge success. Each week in addition to post we write on our main blog that are of value we will also compile a short list of top training we find on the internet. I sinserely hope you love our choices again.

6 Tricks to Building Your Brand With Amazon Gift Cards

This week we will start with one of our own post as training from around the web because of the popularity of the piece and the newness of concept. I would personally love to see this post trending around the social web and catch on to other marketers. Click here to see how Amazon Gift Cards can help build your brand and increase your sales.

Top 20 Landing Page Examples That Convert in 2019

Our web scouring eyes have found this article that is fantastic for formulating ideas about our lead gathering through targeted landing pages. These 20 companies are making killer sales in part because of the number of quality leads they are capturing using simply a single page lander. CLick here to see how the right message can helpo you gather more subscribers today.

14 copywriting guides to help you become a master of persuasion

This is a handy list of copyrighting tutorials that will help you build better sales and capture pages. We can all benefit from the art of passive persuasion in out sales pitch even when it comes to closing review post with a positive outcome. Click here to learn a new skill set that can push you from just a blogger to a successful copywriter in just a few weeks..

12 thoughts on “Affiliates Newsletter Edition 2”

  1. This is a very good edition. I, unfortunately, I missed out on the first edition and I feel bad about that. Seeing that you have done a great review of two platforms already is very good. I think I need to try out the new downlines platform seeing that already use about two of the platforms that it can help create. I have to be appreciative of this post and I hope to see the next edition. Thank you!

    • Henderson, I did link in the first edition so you can go back to it or our blogroll is on the front page of the site. Make sure to join our e-mail list and I will tell you when the new edition is posted every Tuesday. Thanks for the rave review and for being a regular on my main blog.

  2. Hello, this is great concerning the information shared in it, I feel it is worth a read. Though I have heard of only the Elite Downline Builder Mini before but I never truly considered joining the platform back. Well, going by what I read here, I might consider giving a trial to it. But the second one, webtalk, I have never heard of it before but then, it seems rather interesting too. Thanks for sharing

    • EDB is a great system for those who are looking for building multiple streams of income and use Traffic Exchanges and Mailer or Safelist sites to do some of their marketing. Webtalk, however, is the future LinkedIn/Facebook Love Child they will both come to hate. It pairs a professional-grade Client Retention Manager with social media. It will have an on-site marketplace for goods like Amazon and a Freelancers network like Upwork with on-site job booking for everything from freelance writers to corporate consulting and SEO firms. It’s all coming together and they have stayed in Beta Testing for over a year to make sure everything runs perfectly before even setting an official launch date.

  3. Awesome Review… Talking about leaving no stone unturned. I can see you are a true member of affiliate marketing and it has done good things for you and your family. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it turned everything around for me. I was almost done trying to make a living online when I came across WA. As long as you do the training and follow each task at hand you will be very surprised at the outcome. The crazy part is that it isn’t even hard to do. WA puts the training into a simple to follow task at hand guide and it made something that was hard for me into something super easy.

    If you could check out my site and give me your feedback I would be very grateful. I ask because I see you are very good at putting your reviews together.

    To Our Online Success,

    -Stevie B

    • Your content is excellent but it appears your theme and images are holding you back. The images are not the right size or shape for your slider at the top so they are blurry and hard to read. Your header is also way too busy, I would go with a plain black background to make the Steve B Reviews pop out from the page.

      Wealthy Affiliate covers over 90% of everything you need to know to be a success online and does it for far less than these so-called gurus charging thousands of dollars to just teach a few aspects here and there across dozens of different products. These mini-reviews don’t come close to the full content on the main blog at .

  4. Hi,

    Webtalk sounds like it may be an intetereting opportunnity, I’m always on the look out for new social media sites to join. Do you know where the Webtalk membership sits at now in terms of numbers? Also do you know if there is still the opportunity to promote it as an affiliate?

    • Webtalk as of today is at just over 3.2 million members and is in the top 22K sites in terms of traffic according to Alexa. Tha\ey have raised over 11 million dollars for development and keep growing and innovating. What I like best is the barrier you can place between your professional contacts and your social contacts. No more telling your boss you were hungover on Monday or you hate working for him. Just change who can access the post, and make sure to group your contacts and Bam, complete privacy.

  5. 3000 visitors? Wow,that’s amazing! How did you achieve that?

    I have never heard of Webtalk before, but it looks like a promising platform. I am going to click on the link and read more about it. Elite Downline Builder is also new to me. Based on what you explained, it seems straightforward and easy to use. How long have you been using it? How much work is required when you sign up? I am not asking out of laziness, but just to have an idea 😉  I’m also interested in the first newsletter. I can see the link you provided, so I’ll check it out. 

    • On Elite Downline Builder you can set it up in around 30-45 minutes depending on how many of the 10 total income streams you choose to sign up for or are already involved with. Once done you can promote the program say with a review post on your blog or by using similar sites with mailers and traffic exchanges to promote the program to business opportunity seekers. As to the site traffic this past week I have employed some of those tactics, especially e-mail marketing and a few traffic exchanges to get the initial traffic flowing. While not the long term plan this gets business opportunity eyes on the advertising and will grow our subscriber base leading to more repeat traffic.

      Long term the idea is to put roughly half of the ads purchased into a pool to use to buy Bing and Facebook ads, Taboola and Outbrain native ads and direct blog sponsorships through Buy/Sell Ads to send targeted paid traffic from industry forums and blogs.

  6. This is the first time I am hearing about WebTalk. You said it has both free and paid. I’ve never seen a social media that charges for membership. What’s the difference between this and the free social media we use every day? On the sign-up page, I see that you can combine with Facebook or LinkedIn. Do they belong to the same company? Kind of confused here.

    • The paid memberships are similar to LinkedIn business premium accounts in improved contacts and prospecting tools for potential employees. With Webtalk you have customer retention management or CRM and other planned features including the ability to make the site ad-free and less distracting. Most members need only the free member features but 2 of my 24 direct referrals needed Business Premium tools so they upgraded to yearly spots. Thanks for asking Cathy.

      And no, they are different companies. You can use those single sign-on opportunities or choose a unique username and password for Webtalk. On your post, you will have a chance to share them on Stack for collaboration with a team, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more exposure. Each is optional.


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