Affiliates Newsletter Edition 1


Absolute Best Program in Network Marketing

For over 20 years the absolute best program in network marketing has been a silent leader making many users a boat load of passive income.

In fact it has so many revenue streams that the path to failure is simply not giving yourself time enough to manifest wealth. Programs like Ecommergy, Rewardical, and Localvantia Search and a Brand New Product Launching Today, added in with Astro Auctions, TripleClicks online Retail Mega Mall, and Eager Zebra Games this Zing Network property is smoldering hot.

Never before have this many separate products, over 8,000 of them been available to network marketing leaders to promote with absolutely no fees to start selling. Be sure to check out Strong Future International today.

Strong Future International

Earn Bitcoin Free with Rewardical Shopping Rewards

I mentioned the programs surrounding the Zing Network and by far the most lucrative is the Rewardical program. Consisting of two powerful search engines, one for offline merchants called Localvantia and one for online merchants called Rewardical Search this points reward program is both unique and opportunity laden.

With the ability to earn both Bitcoin and Cash Back as well as a total of one dozen different rewards, some that build your business, this program offers more than 8,000 ways to cash out for free. The program is simple, register for free and refer your friends, family, and contacts to any Zing Network Property and earn 1 Rewardical for every Rewardical they earn. I just cashed out another $4.79 worth this morning.

To date, I have cashed out more than $200 from this fledgling program and put as many Rewardicals into building up my business and downline. I have been earning through transfer buying, my Ecommergy Membership, and referrals including at least one online merchant I can count on for regular rewards.

That’s perhaps the best part is when you refer either an online or offline store to the program you earn 1 Rewardicals for every member they refer up to 10 levels deep and every 10 Rewardicals they hand out. One merchant can be worth tens of thousands of Rewardicals a month.

Read my full Rewardical Review Here.

Learn about Ecommergy Here and how it can help you as an affiliate marketer.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review – An Insiders Look

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32 thoughts on “Affiliates Newsletter Edition 1

  1. Thank you! That’s a great idea, to create an affiliate marketing newsletter. I’m sure this will help a lot of people. I totally agree that Google Trends can be such a helpful tool when it comes to planning your content for affiliate marketing. It is good to come by and something like Google Trends with another great keyword tool like jaxxy. Personally I use both of them and have gotten great results. 

    Your newsletter looks great, with lots of great graphics and information. I look forward to reading your next article. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, C, I hope you checked out our extreme deal on our Newsletter Classifieds section. MMO or Make Money Online sites can benefit from $5 classified ads that last a whopping 90 days. There are few if any places online to get advertising that covers a weekly exine for $5 for 3 months ads. The best part is on both the collapsable sidebar and the regular in view sidebar we rotate your ads to be seen by new readers and returning subscribers alike.

      Our newsletter also comes with an email edition and the first 5 people to purchase a $20 annual ad get a text link insertion into the e-mail newsletter too.

  2. Although I have never tried network marketing before, your article has just tempted me to try out your recommendation. The fact that it is free to start and people can earn reward points by recommending makes me really want to try the same. Also, the fact that so many revenue streams can be possible really opens one’s eyes to the fact that there are so many ways to make money online if you persevere. Great post.

    1. SFI and Rewardical is a power pair that is sure to amaze your wallet. You simply pick the products you think suit your audience and no matter where people enter the system they are given Rewardicals to try. Not just that but you give away 25 free Rewardicals to regular members joining for the first time and a whopping 1,000 Rewardicals to give to customers for new merchants. That’s a power-filled selling point.  Thanks, Sirshendu.

  3. Hi!  There were quite a few interesting articles there!  The one that caught my eye was the one with Rewardicals.  That’s an interesting idea to put into funding back into your business and get your business some customers.  I do agree that Google Trends is excellent and useful to help plan content on a website (or social media or YouTube, whatever!).  I LOVE Google Trends.  It’s been extremely useful for me.  Thanks for the read!

    1. Yes, it is. I will be applying to offer Rewardicals with this newsletter for users purchasing classified ads as soon as I have more content in place, about 6 weeks from now I should be able to get my application in. I will love being able to do that for our loyal readers and supporting advertisers. The possibilities are endless with the program and they have already given out over 400 million Rewardicals since inception.

  4. It seams to me that creating a newsletter is the best way to go. I have a blog based on faith but no news letter. I have received people say they are bookmarking my page; meaning, I never thought about creating this newsletter of which you speak of.Is there a specific plugin you recommend?

    1. Newsletter allows you to engage with readers while building your subscriber list, and even add extra income. For list management, I use Rocket Responder which also has an affiliate program through Share A Sale.

  5. This affiliate newsletter idea is quite impressive and I love it. I immediately clicked on the 33 ways to monetize your blog as this is what i was looking for. I really love to see this type of effort put into stuff like this. I feel as if I am truly getting good results and ideas once I put this stuff to action.

    Thanks for the content and do you offer negative reviews on some affiliate programs.???


    1. I do, I have a few programs I am keeping an eye on as I use a policy of due diligence but I will review some scam on the main blog at in the near future. Right now our focus is on gift ideas for affiliate marketers just in time for the Christmas Holiday Season.

  6. This site is chockful of articles, advice and links to even more related sites. I was a little overwhelmed, but I realize the enormity of the task to get so much available information boiled down to the content shared here. A number of the links need to be revised so a whole word will appear instead of having the word start on one line and finish on the other. Like having the “s” not appear on the same line that it is making plural. It was a little bothersome, but did not keep me from enjoying the content. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Jack I will look into that issue. I am having trouble with my mouse trying to die on me and will be about a week to replace it so right now selecting anything is a pain.

  7. Hi! I would like to join your newsletter. It’s excellent to keep ourselves up to date.

    I have really liked the reward program present in Rewardical. The fact that we can also receive Bitcoins from them makes them attractive to me. I’ll join them too! Two cool platforms to join! Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Henry, I have as I said already taken about $200 in cash out but plan to soon get in on Bitcoin as well. I am betting it bottoms around $7,000 and rebounds to around 9K per coin making it a good time to get in.

  8. Thanks so much for the affiliate news letter. I’ve made use of jaaxy keyword tool in the past, and it has really helped me not only in get my contents indexed but also getting it ranked. Google trend is also one weapon that has really helped me to find information on search rankings and trending topics.

    1. I’m glad you like our toys Jordan. It was fun putting together some of this content because I have enjoyed using tricks and offers in them myself and have so many good projects planned still. Next week expect more of the same, great content, exciting training, and real value. Be sure to use the subscription form at the top left to say up to date with new editions.

  9. Although I have never tried network marketing before, your article has just tempted me to try out your recommendation. The fact that it is free to start and people can earn reward points by recommending makes me really want to try the same. Also, the fact that so many revenue streams can be possible really opens one’s eyes to the fact that there are so many ways to make money online if you persevere. Great post.

    1. Network marketing is unlike MLM, there is no fee to join but it still offers a multi-level system of payment. In this case, SFI pays up to 12 levels of the downline and Rewardical up to 10 making it the perfect combination from an industry-leading company.

  10. This is actually the first time I’m hearing of Network marketing and I think it’s a good idea, maybe sometimes I’ll give it a trial to see how it works out since it’s a free offer and also I also like the idea of Rewardicals. It’s true that Google trend is really useful when it comes to planning new post based on popularity as well as search volume, I’m more used to Jaaxy cos it’s very good. Thanks for sharing this informative article, its really useful.

    1. If you decide to check out Rewardicals make sure to click my link and get your 25 free tokens to get started. Pay attention because soon I will be applying to offer Rewardicals with every ad buy as well. Imagine $5 ads that pay you cash or Bitcoin back just for advertising and it’s legal. This is not some fly by night investment Ponzi it’s real advertising for real people with a rewards program for members. Thanks for reading Jones.

  11. Thanks for this. Creating a newsletter for people looking to create income from their website is a great idea and I have subscribed. I also clicked through to the article about 33 ways to monetize a site and I’ve saved that link to refer back to later. I look forward to receiving more newsletters that will help me with my goal of creating a full time business and income from my website.

    1. First Deb glad to have you as a subscriber. Second, great taste in articles. Third I am feeling sorry for the blogger that wrote the post because as many times as the title has been mentioned in my comments I may outrank him for it when I have more content on this newsletter LOL.

  12. Hi Andy, wow, what a tool you have created here to help those of us in the affiliate marketing world who need all the help they can get! I had never thought about using Google Trends in conjunction with Jaaxy to plan my next post on search volume and popularity. As it turns out, I’m between posts right now and completely at a loss for some good ideas. 

    I am also checking out the “33 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog.” Thanks so much for creating your Affiliates Newsletter, and please keep it up. This is a treasure trove of ideas for all affiliate marketers!


    1. I knew that “33 wats to monetize your website or blog” article was going to be a hit and while it is another blogger’s site that is adding great value here you can see how sharing the wealth builds loyalty to your brand. This is a common practice now days called content curation but when we started doing eZine Newsletters back in the early 2K’s it was just eZine Articles, Either was Sue It’s great to know you enjoyed it.

  13. Hi there!

    Wow! I never heard of network marketing so from your findings, I will definetly be looking into it further.

    I like how your newsletter gives simple, yet very valuable resourses such as “33 ways to monetise your blog”

    I was always wary of delving into the into the Bitcoin route but your article has put my mind at ease. Thank you for sharing

    1. Yes, I too was a skeptic and predicted the fall to 8K though I was off by a thousand saying it would bottom about 7500 a share when it finished its drop. As a means of currency, it’s secure, as an investment, it is volatile because of the speculators and day traders who bloat the price and then drop holdings so they can pick them up on the cheap again. I offer it up as a popular option because it is one of the most popular ways to cash out but still take mine through PayPal.

  14. I like your newsletter. It’s really amazing and has alot of information that could help us as bloggers. This id advanced Network marketing that you are talking about up there. Am really going to sign up because getting an extra amount to run your site aside from this kind of program is what I need. Thanks for the information. It’s lit.

    1. Thanks, Brendah, we aim to please and seldom miss out mark so check back every Tuesday for more information and training.

  15. I think this is great, we don’t always get the right information for our online business, so your website can easily become our reference in case we need to learn all the news regarding affiliate marketing in particular and making money online in general. So, I have bookmarked your website and hopefully you will bring us newsletters because it really makes sense with your website’s content.


  16. The Internet has so many opportunities that we could make money online from home, and this is the first thought came to my mind when I go further on your amazing post. The one that suits me the most is to create and build a blog to promote something as an affiliate marketer, so I will definitely go for it. 

    Your newsletter classified seems a good way to attract more traffic to my own site, and I would think about it when my site grows maturer. Thanks for it! 🙂

    1. Just remember, it’s never too early to start your newsletter Matt but it can be too late to recapture the lost subscribers you didn’t have a list for.

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