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Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Affiliates Newsletter from Affiliate 3 Percent Blog and Mailer on Fire. Today we are going to discuss the benefits of developing and using advertising cooperatives and team builds to grow your business.

We will have a live case study outlining the advertising cooperative benefit of Platinum Membership at Mailer on Fire and will explain out unique concept of a perpetually viral Advertising cooperative.

Also in this edition you will find updates on our program, details on this month’s compact Bitcoin Blank Checks contest at Mailer on Fire, and get results from last month since we didn’t have an edition last we as planned. Sadly my family needed my time not devoted to tying up the end of November contest and sales results. Things like getting people paid were top priority and Tuesday fell on the first of the month.

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We will discuss an interesting program I am trying out and ask for reader feedback as we look towards a full review later in the month for Infinity Mailer Boost as well as offering an overview of Marty Petrizza’s new site Website Traffic Rewards. All of this leading to our from around the web section. Thanks for being here now let’s get started.

What is an Advertising Cooperative and How does it benefit Affiliate Marketers?

Ad Coops are an age old system used in franchises and chain stores to cut advertising cost by pooling smaller sums of money to buy larger blocks of advertising that are often at lower rates. With affiliate marketing this is usually done in the form of a team build. All members of the team put the same amount in to create a larger advertising budget.

Advertising Cooperatives and business opportunity ad coop team builds
Advertising Cooperatives and Affiliate marketing

With affiliates, mostly Make Money online niches these coops will focus on a singular business opportunity like Several popular coops like Team Atlantis Traffic Wave. When successfully put together money savings are had by securing annual or lifetime traffic memberships, large scale ad buys online or off, and one time offers purchases for large block ads at cut rates.

Team builds also have the benefit of taking the ad coop to a new level by focusing on advertising efforts on target markets to achieve rapid branding. Mailer on Fire members, especially those in the early weeks of the launch can remember us targeting Hungry for Hits and Tezzers Mailer where we still have thousands of ads in rotation.

A Good Ad Coop with team build can put hundreds of members into the site and flood it for a week or two so every member of that site sees the offer dozens of times and sign-ups happen in droves. After-all it takes the average person up to 14 times seeing a business opportunity before they join.

You Mailer on Fire Update

Just as we are reader responsive on the blog and Affiliates Newsletter following your demands for great training and features like the around the web we do each week we follow with member desires in Mailer on Fire. We did ask our members after receiving feedback that our Life Before Black Friday offer was still a bit pricey for most during the holidays.

We kept our promise of only offering a lifetime deal at Black Friday but were urged to have a monthly and yearly option as well. Out of that desire on December First we launched our new Platinum Membership.

Platinum has all the features of the Black Friday offer including the two tier commissions plan not available in other upgrades and our promise to deliver massive advertising with the package each month. We don’t have annual plans during 11 months of the year but we now have an EXPLOSIVE Advertising Cooperative we will discuss in the next section.

The first Ad-Coop Ads will start just after the first of the year to allow members a chance to get in on a full month of ads.

David Hurley Bitcoin Blank Checks Winner November 2020 at Mailer on Fire
David Hurley BBC Winner November

Our Bitcoin Blank Checks Contest only had a single participant win and that was David Hurley who made $97 in sales, received $48.50 in commissions and another $4.85 in Bitcoin. Some members are not strong on an understanding of Bitcoin and have not adopted it yet so we now offer alternative payments via Paypal for payouts only.

Sadly PayPal has policies that prevent mailers, safelist, and traffic exchanges from using them to receive funds but as soon as possible we intend to make credit card processing available for purchases in addition to all of our cryptocurrency options which include Tron as of the Black Friday edition of our newsletter.

Karen Mefford Referral Contest Winner November 2020 Mailer on Fire
Karen Mefford Referral Contest Winner November

Our standard referral contest had a good list of winners of credit prizes, a split of 3rd place, and a very clear win by Karen Mefford with a whopping 8 spot lead over David Hurley. In the month so far Platinum Member Tony Hamilton is leading the pack with 10 referrals, 9 of which were confirmed active at the time of this post.

Karen is back in 2nd this time with 4 of her own scored over the last 2 days and Mike Scozzari rounds out the top 3 with 3 of his own. I have added another 10 and with the success of last month, we stand at 93 confirmed and 2 unconfirmed members as of the time of this post.

This month’s Bitcoin or Cash Blank Checks are in a shortened contest running until the 23rd of December and paying all members with $30 or more in commissions on Christmas Eve Day. There are a lot of great prizes in it and the standard referral contest but the Christmas Cash Contest is DOUBLED! Instead of a unlimited prize of 5% of your total sales in December the commission bounty is 10%.

To put it in perspective David repeating last month’s success would earn $9.70 instead of $4.85 in winnings. Right now all ten spots need names to be paid as all sales this month were admin referred so far. Next month that changes as Admin Ads will all be fed into the Platinum Advertising Cooperative.

The Platinum Advertising Cooperative at Mailer On Fire. How does it work?

I am so damned glad that you made it this far as I know these newsletters are long. The Platinum Advertising Cooperative or Ad Coop takes a portion of every Platinum Membership sold in a month and buys memberships, ad packs, and Display Advertising. The more sales we have made in a month of platinum memberships the more ads run and more referrals each Platinum Member gets.

In addition to advertising the platinum spots, we also add coop membership sites to the down-line builder and use excess ads to promote the potions to get either paid for and in some cases in profit. If a site we are in becomes profitable even more ads and memberships are bought so the coop constantly grows.

Many sites of this nature have admins who advertise but the ads strictly compete with members. As our rotators are being filled we will stop advertising for us and begin filling the ad coop with all admin referrals.

Tony Hamilton Mailer on Fire's first Platinum Member
Introducing Tony Hamilton Mailer On Fire’s First Platinum Member and Leader of the Referral Contest Week 1 December 2020.

To put that in perspective I referred 32 members last month, and in just 7 days of this month have another 11 with a total of 3 admin sales. That’s over 6% conversion rate on my personal advertising to sales of more than 30,000 visitors and 43 referrals. right now we have one Platinum Member who stands to get all of my efforts on top of ad buys for January. Make plans to join Tony and split those results.

Mailer on Fire Christmas Bitcoin or Cash Blank Checks Contest

Program Launch Announcement and Early Results at Website Traffic Rewards.

Now on Day 4 after a surprise Friday Launch that saw over 500 members put in during the first 24 hours Marty Patrizza’s new site is still rocking the block as she throws her full network in with top promoters like Darren Olander and Tony Tezzack. Here are some of my highlights of the event.

Website Traffic Rewards Information

I have soft promoted the launch inviting Mailer on Fire Members and running a small campaign on 3 other sites adding 2 referrals along the way. I am not promoting heavily in the midst of launch traffic because it is not prudent to spend our hard earned credits to get lost in someone else’s launch.

Still Marty is a well liked admin, her site is solid, and the Gold Membership is very rewarding at $9 a month or under $70 for the launch offered Lifetime membership. We snagged the $9 option because the coffers allowed it for the Platinum Advertising Coop.

With that $9 you can mail every 2 days without using your mailing credits to the full membership. You get a guaranteed number of opens or they send your campaign again until it’s reached. If you wish you can either use credits to increase the number of guaranteed visitors or use them to buy other advertising on the site.

Website Traffic Rewards gives free members 10 cents a day to log in and offers random prized and cash rewards for reading mails as well through Viral Traffic Games. Paid members earn double login rewards and so far I have been earning around $32 cents a day in total rewards by reading every mail sent through the system and not missing a login.

In short about every other month I can pay the upgrade from rewards alone and with 50% commissions, I can put the membership in profit for out Platinum Ad Coop with just 2 referrals and a little elbow grease. We will soon explore the annual and if it still exists lifetime option as Platinum Memberships begin to gain traction. Click here to join the team at Website Traffic Rewards and let’s make sure their members know all about Mailer on Fire.

Calling out for Information on Infinity Mailer Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost Graphic

Hey folks, Mailer wise we may have found a real winner in terms of cost effective advertising as our cryptocurrency holdings gain ground. With Infinity’s low cost advertising tiers you can get started in a paid advertising ethical matrix for under $2 at this time.

You can also participate and earn from the system 100% free of cost by being an active mailer user and affiliate. I will tell you the go it alone approach without promoting the system and without upgrades will never make you a success and your time would be better served elsewhere.

If you plan on actively referring others a decent amount of traffic is to be had as long as you continue surfing new ads daily yourself as well. Each advertiser buying taps you into a new tier of commissions to earn from and qualifies you for 80% commissions instead of 30% as a free member.

This is a reverse 1 up system which for those who know nothing of the MLM world means your second paying referral will pass up one tier but then after all your referrals and their second referral belong to you. This can equal explosive recruiting growth and revenues if you get decent referrals.

Reverse 1 Up Pay Plan at Infinity Traffic Boost

As a paid member you earn traffic and commission pool shares off all referrals in positions below your paid level and one level above you. Example: If you buy a level 2 membership upgrade you can commission and earn from referrals at tier one, 2, or 3.

You will not earn 80% commissions off members who buy a position 4-11 without owning that level membership. Instead, you earn 30% on direct referrals only for that level. You will always earn traffic off all direct and indirect referrals when they read ads.

What I need for the upcoming full review on our main blog at is for members of the Infinity Mailer Boost system to offer their own perspectives or testimonials in the comments of this newsletter to appear in the final review.

I am challenging all Members of Mailer on Fire and Readers of Affiliates Newsletter and Affiliate 3 Percent to join our group at Infinity Mailer Boost and spread the word about Mailer on Fire’s Bitcoin Blank Checks Contest this month.

We can pick up much-needed exposure to a mailer with more than 8,000 members and for Platinum Members, any income off the program will in fact be used to upgrade the membership and feed the ad coop…

Ad Coop Information from Around the Web!

This week’s newsletter has gone long so I am only including one article in this section. Please feel free to bookmark it and read later if your eyes are sore or you are excited about some of the programs we covered today and wish to get started.

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