Affiliate Newsletter Black Friday 2020 Edition

Hello and welcome to the Black Friday Edition of your Affiliates Newsletter which is brought to you by Affiliate 3 Percent Blog and the all new Mailer On Fire.

Affiliates Newsletter Black Friday Edition 2020

This week has been interesting. There was supposed to be a bridge edition Tuesday but some late news gave us two hush until now offers that you will be glad we kept close to the chest. In  this issue we will update the 1 month progress of Mailer on Fire. Offer some new training, provide what we believe to be the best offers in the Internet Marketing World this year, and close with our ever popular Articles from around the web section.

Don’t worry, we dug deep and made sure to bring you the best of the best, we didn’t just harvest offers these all will help provide remedies for your needs and not just be a waste of your time. All offers are vetted for quality, and are programs I personally use or have direct experience with. Please note all offers are presented through affiliate links and we will earn a commission off the sale or purchase.

Affiliate Marketer Training of the Week – Mindset Development.

Today I took a huge risk and gave up a sure thing to chase better. I upgraded my Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate that I had grandfathered in at $359 a year. A savings of $140 off the current $495 price tag of that membership to go for the all new $99 a month Premium Plus membership which annually comes to $995. Don’t worry if you join me you will not pay either price this weekend. See the full details in the Wealth Affiliate section under Black Friday Deals.

I will let you know that because of credit for existing membership dues paid for the year I have 5 months to earn enough to make this a regular monthly expense paid from profits. With other memberships and hosting for Mailer on Fire I am a long ways from making this easy but this coming year will be banner levels of success. Mailer on Fire is Smoking Hot and soon to get even better. My site traffic is improving, and earnings have been nice.

Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur Midset Development Training

Fact is daddy the last few years since my nervous breakdown has been the broke dad instead of a Hero of the Holidays and this year I can actually do better than that just off November earnings. But how do you get there when you are flat broke or live in a developing nation? Mindset is everything to success.

It’s easy-peasy to be lazy and defeated, There is nothing easier than choosing things like job security and guaranteed bill payments and something for retirement. You can be status quo by doing exactly what you do now.

It is not easy to take risk, but risk are required to find financial freedom. At some point you will need to go from spare time to full time in your business to make it do all it can. But in the beginning there is almost always investment with slow to no return. Take it from me, I have bootstrapped 4 offline businesses and they all took more time than I had money to reach a point of profit except for my seasonal restaurant.

How to think like a business owner.

Be bold and decisive. Take risk and try new things. Set goals out of your dreams. A dream without a plan is never going to happen just as a plan with no action will not be fulfilled.

You will need to have some money to invest, if you don’t have it now think of what you spend money on and make a list of the things. Include everything and then see what you can do without. The average person in the US can save $200 a more towards a new business a month just off Dinners out and Movie Nights.

Cut out movies to raise investment money

If you smoke Quit, if you drink? Is it that important or can it wait until it’s affordable? Will a CFL or LED Bulb in every socket make a difference and can you add a solar panel system even on payments to your home? My brother spends around $20 a week on smoking cheap roll your own cigarettes. That’s almost enough a month to pay my new membership dues at WA.

If you don’t know what to do learn to do it and step out of your comfort zone. Never be that person who obsesses about a desired result, instead be flexible and find new routes to the destination when you see the path is blocked. Be determined and have that plan A in mind. A fool will tell you a plan B is a great idea. Plan be is a plan to fail at plan A. It’s too easy to jump ship that sail to success. Be the person with longevity.

Plan on giving your business a year to learn and start to earn, a year to earn and start to break even, and a year to start seeing some success. Like ANY business if you don’t have 3 years to give it you need better preparation, more planning, and above all more desire.

Mailer On Fire Update – 1 month of success.

Ladies and Gentlemen you have helped us add 64 members in 30 days time to our brand new mailer. In addition conversions to upgraded memberships are strong, and we have a clear leader in referrals with Karen Mefford having 18 referrals and leading David Hurley by a whopping 11 person lead.

Mailer On Fire Black Friday Offer

We now pay out both bitcoins and by PayPal and will start taking credit cards in early 2021. We have several planned upgrades like missed mail inbox that we will be adding soon,and by February we should have enough members to make Solo Ads make sense. By request and your votes the Life Before Black Friday membership will become a monthly and yearly available package on December First with lifetime memberships only offered in November Each year.

I have been working hard promoting. In fact I am the only person with more referrals than Karen and she has nearly as many. But in the time working I have found you are a bold membership of action takers. You are making suggestions and leading the path to the mailer you want Mailer on Fire to be.

Black Friday Deals For Affiliate Marketers to Grab

The first would be our own Life Before Black Friday deal, because long term you will need traffic and leads for any business you are in. I released a guide on Affiliate 3 Percent that is also in the Mailer on Fire back office as a downloadable PDF to help you understand how to funnel free and low cost traffic to build leads and sales.

In addition to 3 additional bonuses 2 of them on the Login Offer and one unannounced download you will get the following benefits as a BF Membership Holder.

• Mail 6x a Day Every 4 Hours
• Mail Your Downline For Free
• Send in Stunning HTML
• 30 Credits Per Click
• 10 Second Timer
• 15,000 Credits, text, banners Per Month
• All UN-clicked Credits Returned
• 50% Commissions On Referral Purchases
• Tier 2 Cash Commission of 10%. NOT OFFERED Except in this Package!
• Schedule Your Mailings 7 days in advance
• 2 tier credit matches from downline
• 1 Custom Splash Page In Our random Referrals Coop (unlimited cash and traffic earning referrals)
• LIFETIME UPGRADE Only Offered Once A Year.

All of this for just $50 over the price of a single year of Gold Membership and it is definitely the best traffic offer under $250 you will find this year. Soon another perk will be added but is still under development at this time. As mentioned in the opening section this Product will soon be offered in a Monthly Package for $34.95 and yearly package for $349.

Right now you can reserve a LIFETIME, not yearly membership for $100 off the cost of an annual Gold Membership. Join Mailer On Fire and accept the Life Before Black Friday offer. Click CoinPayments and select your Cryptocurrency or PayPal payment preference..

Get Your Total Business Package With Wealthy Affiliate’s Newest Black Friday Offers

Over the last few months Wealthy Affiliate was silently building the web’s best program update. Everything from hosting services, to keyword research, and a ton of fresh training has been released on the membership in November and culminated in a new tier of membership. Premium membership is better than ever but premium plus is explosive and includes Jaaxy Enterprise which is one of the web’s premier keyword research tools. It alone retails for what I am paying at $99 a month for the membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale

The hosting is streamlined and faster than ever. They now have AMAZON S3 servers and CDN Deliver making our blog based websites some of the fastest, mobile responsive websites on the internet. When paired with the SEO practices you learn inside and the simple tools of the site you can reach page one in google with regularity. In fact Premium Plus members have the ability to generate up to 1 million monthly visitors before they would need to consider arranging a server of their own..

Your Award Level Training system is getting updated content all the time but is based on a system that has grown an empire since 2005 that has littered the web with 6 and 7 figure affiliates. People like you who might know some or even all the pieces of the success puzzle but have no Idea how to fit them together. Are also met with members who are total noobs as my kids say to affiliate marketing.

It pairs them with peers walking the same path and experts blazing new trails.

Premium members in addition to both an Affiliate Boot-camp and a Online Entrepreneurs Certification Course get 52 weekly webinars with marketing and SEO expert Jay Neil and occasional guest presenters. Jay is the mind behind the training that built my dotLocal SEO business. I have learned million dollar skills from Jay over the past 5 years and he is well worth $199 a month value by himself.

This is a realistic fee for other experts online who have done half of what Jay has for an hour long class with live questions and answers. Premium Plus members in addition to this training get over 200 additional annual live and recorded training webinars and both memberships have access to over 1,000 video and text lessons in the training library as well.

Let’s talk support and service.

In addition to the live 24/7 tech center help desk, and access to millionaire marketers like owners Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim you have a live chat with your peers and Question and Answer sessions after webinars to get any question big or small answered and answered fast. No more paying for an expensive course to find you have no live support and are still missing vital Ah Ha moment level training. We help anyone grasp the training and find success.

Pound for pound this is the only training system you will ever need and it gives you just about every tool you will need to build a massive business. All you have to do is follow this advice.

1. Get serious about your training and make sure to devote plenty of time to it. Skip no lessons, and repeat anything you don’t understand.

2. There are no dumb questions. If you are not asking any you are either the smartest person on the site or the dumbest.

3. Apply everything you learn as you learn it. The process is step by step to build a site, build out content, design it to fit your style, market your business, and monetize the work you are doing. If you wait to implement things until you know it all you will miss key steps.

4. When you choose a niche pick passion instead of thinking about what will make you money. Money is in every interest.

5. Give yourself at least two years to find a point of break even. Don’t bolt because of price, don’t bounce because its hard, and don’t give up.

6. Don’t niche hop. There will be times you will be frustrated with your results and even hate your site. But changing a niche is never a good option because it puts you back to square one, you will soon hate that niche too for the same reasons, and you will have started a pattern of quitting and failure.

SO what are you waiting for. Check out the Monthly and Yearly options and save up to $200 this Black Friday. Get started learning affiliate marketer from some of the top marketers on the web and experience the training and support for yourself but do it soon because this offer is gone Monday the 30th of November 2020.  Click Here to Join Wealthy Affiliate Now.

Hungry For Hits Black Friday Deal

Hungry For Hits Lifetime Upgrades and Piggy Boosting

Hungry for hits with over 17,000 members is one of the web’s largest and most trusted traffic exchanges with one hell of an Owner/Admin. Once you get going and reach the point you have an autoresponder and start e-mail marketing you will need a ton of leads or subscribers to join your list. One of the oldest tactics for Make Money online niche affiliates is the use of traffic exchanges to promote their lead capture or squeeze pages.

Klara at Hungry for Hits allowed me to spill the beans first about her Black Friday only sale.

Klara is offering her already affordable annual memberships as lifetime offers at the following crazy as Uncle Cletus pricing. Here is the message Klara replied back with once I agreed to timing of this announcement.

Hi Andy,

This year I am having two separate types of deals, one with lifetime upgrades that can only be paid with Card/PayPal payments (through a third party site).

Silver $79
Gold $149
Super Advertiser $449 ((( Andy’s Note this membership never surfs they get unlimited traffic free for life)))

The second offer I have is that for every Piggy Bank deposit someone makes, they get 50% extra. So if they deposit $10, they get 15. For any amount, I add 50% extra manually.

But the two deals can’t be combined, people won’t be able to put $100 in their piggy to buy the lifetime with that. It works for everything else sold on the site though, just not lifetimes.


As you can see these prices are beyond insane and borderline to lock me up level bat poop crazy. Get your lifetime upgrades of fund your advertising piggy-bank for an extra 50% reward today at Hungry for Hits.

Make YouTube Videos with this Vidnami Black Friday Sale

Vidnami Offers Insane $1960 in Bonuses for Black Friday and That’s Not All!

Vidnami is a top notch video creation suite that has been a massive seller for affiliates everywhere. You pair your articles or text with their generator to find the perfect video and sound for your next YouTube sensation. I am going to let you visit the site to check out details but this offer is amazing and well worth the $29 a month you pay for this expert level software. Your blogs will love the traffic quality video brings and you will love the affiliate commissions. Get Vidnami Here.

Around the Web Affiliate Training

9 Essential tips for Effective Video Marketing by fulFillman – Learn tactics to help you generate leads and get sales with a red hot audience from YouTube.

How to create a Landing Page that Converts by Business News Daily. Learn to properly capture leads with an effective landing page marketing campaign. The money is in the list, so go build a list.

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