Advertising Rates

Our weekly eZine is published to Thousands of e-mail recipients and in online edition to thousands of ad viewers around the world. It is filled with information and links to global affiliate training. Thus it is a high value publication but high value does not mean high cost.

Affiliates Newsletter Classified Ads

ezine newsletter classifieds adverrtising
Old Time eZine Newsletter and Classifieds Advertising

Advertising Rates

90 days —– $5

180 Days — $10

368 Days — $20

Save Money W/ Credit Packs Starting at $45 for 50 Credits A $50 Value

We do our best to over-deliver on value and in turn, offer massive savings over other Affiliate Marketing Newsletters. At this time we offer no Solo Ads service and instead chose to rotate all member’s active Ads in the publication for at least 90 days with unlimited views and unlimited click through.

Being delivered 100% Online via a Blog Based format means each post can live for years drawing traffic from search engines and other sources like our own archives. As we grow there will be hundreds or even thousands of pages promoting Paid Advertisers in rotation.

BEST DEAL EVER First 5 Bonus

Every week our first 5 members to take a 1-year ad or buy a Credit Pack will also get a one-line ad in our e-mail broadcast, sent twice to our growing and highly responsive e-mail subscriber list. These ads are easily worth as much as you pay for the whole package.

Why Online Edition instead of E-Mail eZine Newsletter Ads?

Online ads last virtually forever, as long as you remember to renew them at the specified time. If we charged you $20 to send to our list you would be limited only to our list size and would get 1 send and have to pay again the next time we sent our newsletter. Newsletter Advertising space is also very limited in e-mailed eZines because or the SPAM software eating post with too many affiliate links or the wrong wording in them.

With our system your ad goes live for online visitors we can advertise for all month long. It’s alive for a minimum of 90 days on all editions of the newsletter ever published including our most popular posts. Your ads are rotated with other paid advertisers and are stunning with Text and Images and a full-page lander to help you pre-sell your offers.

What is better, paid classifieds advertising or free classifieds ads?

We only offer Paid Ads and have no gimmicks like featuring that we sell to everybody to rip dollars out of your free ads budget. The last time I placed a free classified ad and didn’t pay for bolding, featuring, and border I was lost in the middle of hundreds of ads in their pages. Ad I refreshed my ad which was on page 1 when I first hit publish it was quickly listing 10, then 17, then lost behind all the paid classified ads and all of the free ads placed after mine.

We will see a lot fewer ads in a 100% paid publication. This means more visibility and less competition for you. We don’t have hourly re-posting, and we don’t sell preferred spots, and I will be damned if you will ever see use any of those rope-a-dope tricks here.


What Banner or Display Advertising is Available On Site

We offer 3 distinct sizes of banner ads on our ezine newsletter. The 2 premier ad spots, header and right sidebar top consist of a total of 12 banner rotations. These ads are sold by clicks with unlimited impressions at a rate of 10 cents a click. The next size is the 728×90 Leader Board Ads in the footer consisting of a single ad out of the rotation displayed at a time. Also sold as a Per Click Product for 15 cents per click with unlimited ad views. Our biggest feature though is our custom designed In Post Ad that is 600x300px in size and Rotates one ad per post under the 2nd paragraph of the post. This ad is most effective and considered a premier placment at 25 cents a click.

Example 125×125 Button Ad.

Your Ad here

Example 728×90 Leader Board Advertisement

Your Leaderboard Ad here

Example: Custom Built 600×300 In Post Ad

Your Ad Here In Post Ads

Order Banner Ads Below

All Banner Creatives will be asked for through you Pay-Pal e-mail address within 24 hours of receipt of payment. There is no refund on advertising related products after the 3rd Day. The Custom 600×300 can be our creative or a banner supplied by you. For support with your order contact thank you for your business.

Banner size and click-through advertising rates. Please be sure to select the appropriate six and quantity to avoid issues.