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This publication is provided for you by Andy Zeus Anderson (owner/editor/blogger) of Affiliate 3 Percent, a division of Yuma Bloggers of Yuma Arizona USA.

Andy Zeus Anderson Author
Andy Zeus Anderson – Owner Affiliates Newsletter by Affiliate 3 Percent

Hi there! I’m Andy and I have been an online marketer, blogger, and affiliate since January 2003. I had an offline career spanning over 14 years in management in Retail, Restaurants, and Foodservice, and Fuel Center management. I love to help others and this business is one of my passion projects. Marketing can be in your blood and flows fully thoguh my veins.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Our goal is to be the affiliate marketing world’s leading source of new information both through our unique newsletter only content to our best post from the week on our main blog Affiliate 3 Percent.

To scour the web and bring related post on marketing and affiliate marketing topics from around the world.

To provide quality program reviews and related advertising.

To offer value in our promotional offers.

To remain a service above self interest company.